About Alejandro

Alejandro_Pic1My name is Alejandro CORREA BAHNSEN, I’m passionate about Machine Learning and Data Science. I hold a PhD in Machine Learning from Luxembourg University. I more than a decade of experience applying the use and development of predictive models to real-world issues such as cyber fraud, human resources analytics, credit scoring, churn modeling and direct marketing. Currently I’m working as Vice President of Research at Rappi.
I consider myself a technology evangelist on data science. I Enjoy giving talks on successful applications of data science on different applications. Moreover, I have been an active contributor to several open source projects such as scikit-learn and costcla. I have published over 15 academic and industrial papers in noteworthy peer-reviewed publications. Lastly, I have also taught the following subjects at a university level: deep learning, machine learning, econometrics and financial risk management.
In my spare time, I co-organize the meetup Machine Learning & Data Science | Bogota. I’m also quite a sport addict, I love to swim, play tennis, squash, and volleyball, among others.

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